Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tongue tied...

Since moving the blog, it seems my mind goes blank every time I open up the 'create a new post' tab. Fiber pursuits in the past week have been pretty mundane. It appears that January will be the month of unfinished business. If I'm diligent, it will be the month of finishing unfinished business.

Sunday night I worked on the buttonhole band for my husband's vest. This project has been languishing in the knitting basket for months. The body of the vest is in Brioche stitch and it requires that the button bands be knit separately and sewn on. To make matters worse, each side of the front bands are knit separately then grafted at the back of the neck. This is fiddly work that I don't like to do. I have considered alternatives and came to the conclusion that the designer really did make the best choice in this pattern.

So before sitting down to watch tv with dh, I carefully measured the finished button band, counted the rows where each buttonhole should go, then armed with my trusty row counter and knitting supplies sat down to complete the thing in one sitting. When the movie was over and I returned to the dining room table with the 'completed' buttonhole band to lay it out against the sweater....ARGH!!!...the last buttonhole would be up on the shoulder, under the left ear of my beloved!! Not exactly prime location for a V neck cardigan vest.

The first button band was knitted with Jazzy cat in lap, wrestling the needles from her periodically, and stowing the yarn under my arm and behind my back where she couldn't get at it. For the buttonhole band, Jazzy preferred dh's lap. It seems one's row gauge is greatly affected by whether or not there is a predatory animal in one's lap. So I will rip and reknit, either using smaller needles, or trying the 'cat in lap' thing to reproduce the gauge of the band that is already sewn onto the sweater.

The other major unfinished business from '04 is Fulmar. This also has been languishing in the basket with Jazzy cat figuring into the equation. The first sleeve is about 1/3 finished and is now on dpn's. This is just too intriguing for a 10 mo. old kitten to resist. I may have to become a closet knitter to complete Fulmar.

The last remaining fiber item for today: As I type, new carpet is being installed in our finished basement. Wahoo!! This is the first step on my campaign to get new carpet through out the house in '05.

Late in the day edit:
It seems the basement carpet will not be finished today. There were challenges: 5 'floating' stairs, 2 poles in the middle of the room, and a corner fire place. The corner fireplace required a diagonal cut in the carpet which, of course, gave them a bias edge to work with. All rules of fiber being constant, a bias edge on a woven fabric will stretch....and it did. So, the carpet guys will be back tomorrow, provided the snow storm doesn't hold them back.

I'm being lazy today...watching the light snow come down and surfing through blogs. One of my favorite clicks is Kerri Smith's Wishjar

It was a bonus to find that there is an interview of Kerri on 52 Projects

These are both great sites for creative inspiration. Take a look, you may find some thinking that will inspire you as well.

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