Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Story of Hope:

I've mentioned before that I'm an incorrigible NY Times Op Ed column reader. Yesterday, Nicholas Kristof wrote an update to the story of the young women whose freedom he purchased from a brothel owner in Cambodia last year. When it became known in journalism circles that he had done this, he was roundly criticized for entering into the story rather than observing and reporting on it. I applaud him for his actions and for showing us in the U.S. that such a small amount of our wealth and caring can transform another's life.

Please, go read: Leaving the Brothel Behind

On the fiber front: I worked on my son's gloves last night while watching West Wing. This morning I found myself wondering how long the president was going to be able to stand for the inaugural address today. Whoops...wrong president, it's President Bartlett that has MS. Oh well, back to reality.

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