Monday, January 24, 2005

Stack o' Batts:

Woke up Saturday morning to a very white world. This sparked an enormous hunger for color. So I went into the fiber storage closet and pulled out the merino wool dyed in canning jars awhile ago. This was from April 2003 Archives
of my old blog.

The red/orange/yellow/black with olive green undertones was tempting, but I didn't want colors to melt the snow just yet. So I pulled out the turquoise through purple side of the color wheel. Then I pulled the drum carder down from its shelf and spent most of the weekend creating batts.

Batts ready for further blending.
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At first I tried one of Deb Menz's techniques for stacking batts and pulling them into roving. But I didn't like the way that was coming out. I wanted the fibers to be blended a little better for drafting than making a 'sandwich' of the batts allows. So I separated out the colors from the first attempt. That's what you see lying on top of the stack.

Next, I tried carding a thin layer of the darkest blue (navy) then worked on putting stripes of turquoise, purple, then medium blue horizontally on the drumcarder. Once this was well carded, I pulled the batt off the drum carder, rolled the batt lengthwise and gently drafted it into roving. That's what you see here:

Blended batts pulled into roving.
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I did spin a little bit to test my fiber prep. There's not enough yarn to make an interesting photo. I'm thinking this yarn will be the Old Shale Shawl by Evelyn Clark in the current issue of Piecework. There's only about a 1 lb. of fiber which is much more than needed. I would like to spin it as singles, and the garter stitch base of this design should work well for a singles.

I've also been working on a pair of gloves for my son. The hat and Seaman's scarf were knitted a good while ago and he's been wearing those. Both gloves are knitted through the pinky finger and are ready for the ring finger to be added. I always work pairs of things at the same time. It increases the chances of them actually being a pair (ie. completed) and matching as well. Just one of my many personality quirks. Pictures of the gloves will come later. I'm planning on sending them to him as a Valentines gift, along with a box of those Necco hearts with the weird sayings on them.

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  1. I love the purple and turquoise rovings! Can't wait to see the yarn it makes.


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