Saturday, January 08, 2005

Resolutions, Fiber diets, and Stash Reduction

Clicking through the blogs it appears that most fiberbloggers are doing at least one, if not a combination of the above. I should be doing so as well. I swear, it seems that one of everything is in my stash. While moving things for the carpeting venture, projects pop into my head, then I realize that the raw materials for such a project are already in my stash somewhere.

There is some wool to wash; a LOT of wool to spin; a lot of silk, linen, alpaca, cotton, and some lyocel, ingeo, & tencel to spin; much yarn to weave; and much more yarn to knit. Not to mention the fabric to be sewn into garments and the unfinished quilts in the dresser drawer.

A few months ago I did go through everything and clear out two big garbage bags of yarn to donate to the handwork circle that our guild president is doing with the homeless shelter in Ann Arbor. There isn't much more to cull from the stash. It's all good and relevant to my current interests.

There's an inventory list somewhere on my desk. I need to work creatively from the inventory. Perhaps after we take Steve back to Purdue tomorrow, I'll sit down and come up with some sort of work plan. Wait...I have plans to meet Carole at Heritage Spinning & Weaving on Wednesday. Oh well....

Meanwhile, I did get the buttonhole band finished for dh's vest. At least one finished item is in sight!! And with ten hours in the car tomorrow, sans cat, perhaps Fulmar will see some significant progress. Perhaps there will be pictures at 11 (or by the 11th!)

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