Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Knitting Muse She's Not!

Back in October we adopted Jazzy from the Animal Rescue League. She was 7 months old, cuddly, and an enormous bundle of energy. She's now about 10 months old, has almost doubled in size, and is still cuddly and full of energy. One other distinctively Jazzy characteristic is her ability to vocalize with almost human intonation. This is the first somewhat focused picture I've been able to get of her. She's sitting on my lap while I'm at the computer in this shot. I've managed to distract her from trying to catch the cursor on the monitor.

Jasmine, aka: Jazzy cat
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Don't let that innocent look fool you. Unlike the other complacent cats in the fiber blogdom, this cat cannot leave yarn, wool, or anything string-like alone. Even worse, she chews wool. What you see below is not moth or rodent damage:

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This was a swatch of some 2/8's Australian merino that I thought was tucked safely away. I found it on the dining room floor with distinctively fishy kitty breath odor on it...grrrr.

Because of this behavior, Jazzy is confined to the basement family room when she is not being supervised. It's for her safety as well as the safety of my works in progress. Ingesting string can pose serious health threats to cats which result in admonishing, expensive veternary visits. Don't the basement she has all of her toys, her own human style bathroom...with kitty acoutrements, and a furnace room that she can explore at will. (Heck, we even put new carpet down there a couple weeks ago!) The only fiber that goes down there is whatever knitting project I carry down to watch tv.

Don't worry about her socialization. She still gets a lot of lap and play time from both my husband and me.....but she won't have free reign of the main floor until she settles down a bit more.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Perfect name for such a cute cat!

  2. She looks JUST like my Samwich - who still has a thing for string, at 3 yrs old. When she was Jazzy's age, she got hold of a spindle-full of laceweight cashmere. Oh, how I cried! But now it's limited to *moving* string, ie, whatever I'm working on. She leaves the knitting basket alone.

  3. Poor thing - probably wise until her addiction is cured! Cold turkey's always the best way...


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